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In a Nutshell

Our increasingly popular entertainment, shopping and dining destination has a history spanning back to roughly 50 years after the United States was founded, and it has an exciting future that is being planned and implemented right now.

Walking, Biking or Driving

Fayetteville, Georgia’s historic downtown district is known as “Main Street”. A good portion of the original turn-of-the-century, town center is still intact and currently undergoing a great revitalization. We offer a friendly, welcoming and safe downtown environment for all to enjoy, with a beautiful courthouse lawn, and outdoor events throughout the year. Plus, plenty of free, downtown parking!

The Scene

Hard to speak of the scene in Fayetteville without mentioning Pinewood Studios. Home of numerous Marvel Movies and is the second-largest studio in the US with 18 sound studios spread across 700 acres.

The Backstory

Both Fayetteville and Fayette County are named for the Marquis De Lafayette, a French nobleman who aided Washington during the Revolutionary War. [1]The land for the town was purchased from Mr. James M. Post for $800. Mr. Larkin Bell laid out the town lots, and lot #20 was the first to be sold. It is now a parking lot across from the northeast corner of the courthouse. [2]It sold for $20 in 1823. A jail was built in 1824 and construction on the courthouse began in 1825 and finished in 1831. Soon after, several residences and businesses sprang up around the courthouse square. Lots were also set aside for churches and a cemetery.

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