How We Work For Sellers

What We Do When We Market Your Home:

    • Working for you to get you home sold is what we love to do. To watch a video of our listing presentation click here.
    • We have no set hours, meaning we are always available.
    • Our average days on market is 16 days.
    • Our list to sales price ratio is 98.66%.
    • Since Kate has been in the private investigating world prior to Real Estate, that’s a bonus for you because that means she will dig and dig until she finds the right buyer for your home.
    • Bill has been in IT for over 30 years negotiating for large companies, saving / earning millions of dollars for them. He will bring that experience to negotiate on your behalf to get you the most from the sale of your home.
    • If we agree to work together, we will then discuss how to price your home at as well as our marketing fee. You will be provided with a net sheet so you know what you will be walking away with at the closing table.
    • *** Remember: A home has to sell 3 different times:
    • 1) During the agreement on the price
    • 2) During the inspection process
    • 3) During the appraisal process
    • We will explain these processes as we go along:
  • This Is What We Don’t Do: (THE 3 p’s)
    • 1) Put a house on the MLS
    • 2) Put a sign in the yard
    • 3) Pray that it sells

This Is What We Do:

    • As soon as we all agree to work together we find out from you how you would like us to communicate with you whether it’s through phone calls, text messages or email. All of the above is great as well.
    • We also want to know what your cut off hours are for communicating – because when offers come in, they will be coming in at all hours.
    • We are straight shooters and “TELL IT LIKE IT IS” leaving nothing unaddressed so that everybody is on board.
    • We come prepared with our signpost for your yard as well as the directional signs on the way to your home. (the small home for sale with the arrow signs).
    • As soon as we sign on to work for you we start IMMEDIATELY with our COMING SOON CAMPAIGN:
    • *This goes out to every Southern Classic Agent 350 plus that
      are spread throughout the state of GA


    • *Also, part of the COMING SOON CAMPAIGN is we are able
      to send out email blasts to EVERY SINGLE REALTOR IN BOTH
      FAYETTE AND COWETA COUNTY. We are able to do this
      Because we belong to BOTH FAYETTE COUNTY BOARD OF
      REALTORS. We pay an annual fee to be involved in both
      Boards and VERY FEW AGENTS are members of both and
      We feel it is absolutely pertinent to be in both.
    • We are going to invest our money into everything that we do during the selling process of your home to ensure you get the MAXIMUM exposure your home deserves so that you can get TOP dollar for your home when you are at the closing table. We will gladly provide receipts as proof of this as well.
    • We start by having Professional Photos taken of your home and Drone & 360o photos if warranted.
    • As soon as pictures are available (usually the next day), we will send them to you for review. You tell us which picture you want in and which you do not want.
    • We will create a professional write-up copy for your home. You will review the write-up and if we need to add or take away anything from the write-up we will. Once the write-up is final we move on to the next step.
    • We create a website that includes video with accompanying music for your home which will be sent over for you to review and when we get the greenlight from you to move forward, we do.
    • We then send out another email blast to every Realtor in Fayette and Coweta County (1500) Realtors, as well as to all of our Southern Classic Peers all over Georgia again, this time it will include the pictures, write-up, video and website of your home.
    • Now that your listing is LIVE we make use of our local Realtor only social media pages (Kate belongs to 29) and post your listing on those sights. If your home warrants national and international attention Kate also belongs to several of those sites as well and will include them in our campaign. Again, this will include the pictures, write-up, video and website of your home.
    • Kate has also partnered with several agents in different states ranging from the east coast to the west coast and those agents will also share your home’s listing as well. There is a huge migration of people moving here from other states and if we can partner up with other agents to help them find a home here in Georgia and vice versa, we will.
    • When we list your home, not only will your home be on the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS), your home will also be on the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS). This will give you MAXIMUM exposure for your home sale – (thousands of more agents with qualified buyers will see your home listing). Click the link to see how this happens.
    • We have an enormous list of investors all around the country that purchase homes in the Fayette and Coweta Counties. If interested, we will market your home to these investors gaining even more exposure for your home.
    • We deploy targeted ads for your home ——-with Kate’s PI background she is able to find the most opportune buyer using mailing list brokers. She sends those specific buyers information about your home (which are the pictures, the write-up, the video and website of your home) directly in front of them through Facebook Ads, direct mail and email.
    • We will hold an Agent Open House AKA a Broker’s Open – this is for Agents only and we invite them to come and view your home and we provide them with snacks and gift cards enticing them to come and see your home so that we can get feedback about your home from every agent, and they get to take a look at your home with their own eyes as well.
    • We will also host a public open house in which we will require a sign in sheet with a signature and information of the attendees stating that they are indeed pre-qualified and we will follow up with those potential buyers afterwards.
    • When your home has showings from other buyer agents we directly communicate with them before and after they show your home. We want immediate feedback for you, good or not so good.
    • When offers start coming in on your home, we make sure to ask you when you would like to have a cut off time so that you can be presented with all offers and be able to decide which offer you will be taking.
    • Kate will directly communicate with each and every single agent who has shown an interest in your home so that all buyers have a chance to put in an offer as well.
    • We will offer advice and suggestions to you during the negotiating process of your home sale, but in the end YOU are the ultimate decision maker in everything that happens.
    • When you do accept an offer we then go under contract and we ask you if you would like to have back up offers as well which in this market we are seeing a lot of that happening. (This will complete the first of 3 steps to a home sale)
    • Now we are in the due diligence process of being under contract (usually 10-14 days) and if we need to be at the home to let the inspectors in, any contractors in, and the appraiser in Bill will always be available for that to happen so you don’t have to worry about having to be home to let them in. (This is especially beneficial to those who live out of town).
    • The earnest money from the buyers is then taken to a 3rd party and is held there until closing day.
    • The inspection process is the 2nd part of a home sale and if an inspection report comes back with some items that the buyer wants completed, we once again negotiate to determine what if anything you are willing to do on that buyer’s request list.
    • Once we are through with the due diligence process we are along for the ride to the closing table.
    • The appraisal process is the 3rd step in the process of your home sale that happens. Once we are past this and gets an all clear, we are one step further to the closing table. Remember: The appraiser is the one who ultimately decides what your home is worth. If your home does not appraise for the agreed selling price, we will have to go back to negotiating the sale of your home again with the buyers. To avoid that we price homes very precisely so that it should be appraised at the right price.
    • Once a contract is bound, it typically takes about 30 – 35 days to get to the closing table.
    • Remember, you are the ultimate decision maker for every step that happens with the sale of your home. We are here to give you expert advice and service you in every way possible to ensure you, without a doubt, are at ease from beginning to end with us.

    Contact us for any questions you may have: we are always available for you.