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In a Nutshell

Peachtree City, with a population of approximately 35,000 people, is a part of South Metro Atlanta, but it’s also the 19th largest city in the state, and the county seat of Fayette County. In December 2012, the city was ranked as the “best place to raise kids” in the state by Bloomberg Business Week. Peachtree City is also designated as a “Foreign Trade Zone” by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Several major companies have their headquarters here as well.

Walking, Biking or Driving

Believe it or not, the favored means of transportation is the golf cart, with more than 9,000 households owning one. A 12-year-old can legally operate one on a city path as long as there’s also an adult in the front seat, and a 15-year-old can take one out for a spin alone. High school students are encouraged to drive golf carts to school to help alleviate the parking problem! Even the police have a fleet of golf carts to patrol the 90-mile web of city multi-use paths that are also meant for cyclists, runners and joggers.

The Scene

The city is known as a vibrant, upscale community with an excellent quality of life, a favorable economic climate and a commitment to sustainability. It’s a local and family-oriented lifestyle, with an emphasis on natural surroundings. The location, known as South Metro Atlanta, provides residents with all of the city’s advantages without the associated gridlock. Businesses love Peachtree City because of its proximity to Atlanta’s International Airport as well as the Interstates. Falcon Field, a local general aviation airport, is the site of the annual Great Georgia Airshow.

The Backstory

Peachtree City boasts three lakes and three golf courses, all owned by the same company that operates 18 courses in Atlanta and one in South Carolina. Is it any wonder there are so many golf carts? It’s a great place to play, putt around and put down roots. And, yes, there are peach trees too.

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