How We Work For Buyers

What We Do When We Search For a Home For You

    • Always know that we are here to advise, you are the ultimate decision maker in every process of finding a home. We will never make a decision for you. We are also always available. If you have a question that needs to be addressed all you have to do is call, email or text us and we will answer you, no matter the time of day or night. We are a team and we are able to do multiple tasks and service your needs impeccably.
    • When searching for a home for you, we dig into more than what is on the Multiple Listing Service. Coming from a Private Investigating background, Kate knows just how to search to find the right house for your needs. Knowing your criteria whether you want master on the main, a fenced in yard, a basement, a flat yard, etc, Kate is able to find those exact homes that meet your criteria.
    • The very first step in a home buying process is to get you pre-qualified and once we know what your number is we can begin the search along with your specific criteria.
    • You will be set up in collaboration center where you will receive instant emails the second a home comes on the market. You can then pick which ones are your favorites, which one is a possible and which ones to reject.
    • We will also be getting those same emails as soon as something comes on the market and often times if you don’t see the home right away Kate will alert you and ask you if you would like her to schedule a showing for you.
    • Those homes that are not on the market are the homes that Kate has specifically contacted and knows from the owners that they are open to having a preview. This is Kate’s famous list of unlisted homes that she has worked very hard to compile.
    • Another avenue Kate will take is when you tell us the exact area you’d like to live, Kate will contact all of the homeowners in that area and find out who may be selling soon. Kate does this through EDDM (every door direct mail) and also contacts them via telephone. This is yet another area of expertise that thanks to Kate’s private investigating background she is able to have success in finding properties nobody else will know about, properties just for you.
    • We are both available to show homes and this is especially good for you because our availability to meet is now doubled being there are 2 of us working for you. If you are out of town or even live out of town and are interested in a home we have the capability to video the home for you LIVE so you can watch the video in real time or at your leisure.
    • We communicate with the listing agent immediately when you find a home that you are interested in – we will find out right away if there are currently any offers on the home and if you do want to make an offer we will make sure to have your offer stand out and be the most attractive.
    • Once we do find that perfect home for you Bill is there to take over. His negotiating skills from being in business for over 30 years in the IT world is a huge plus for you. You will get the best of the best having Bill advising you.
    • Once your offer gets accepted one of the first things that happens is turning in the earnest money in which Bill will make sure your earnest money is received in a timely manner.
    • You will now be in a due diligence period (usually 10-14 days) in which a home inspection is conducted and an agreement is reached on any repairs to be done before close. Bill will be there every step of the way.
    • If for some reason a Power of Attorney is needed to represent you at the closing, Bill can stand in and represent you if desired.
    • Once we are at the closing table whether it is in person or not, Bill will ensure every i is dotted and every t is crossed as we finalize your home purchase.
    • We will not disappoint, we will listen to every need that you have and we will do the best job possible for your home purchase.

    Contact us for any questions you may have: we are always available for you.